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Are you looking for the best nativity sets for sale? One of the best to purchase is the Willow Tree nativity set, this is the most popular because it is hand painted and is made from resin. You can purchase a basic scene and add more pieces to the scene. It has a simple design that looks modern and traditional and they are considered collectables by some people.

There are many online stores that sell these and the prices do vary. Below I will review the best nativity sets for Christmas that are affordable and are highly rated.

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Willow Tree Nativity Sets

This is a Willow Tree Nativity Set and the tallest figurine stands at 9.5 inches, it also comes in a gift box when it arrives. This set was originally introduced in 2000 and is still very popular among all people. It is suitable to give as a gift for Christmas, for yourself or as a wedding gift.

The pieces are very well made and will last for many years to come.

There are also other figurines that you can add to the basic scene such as the creche, angel stand, metal star back drop, ox and goat, shepherd and stable animals and the three wise men.

If you are looking to purchase a set that has great quality, is beautiful, elegant and sturdy then this is a perfect choice.

nativity sets for sale

Nativity Sets For Christmas

This is the Heartland (poly-resin) N0145 5″ Poly-resin Nativity Set 11 Piece and is hand painted in a antique finish color.

This set comes with Jesus, Mary, Joseph, 3 wise men, 2 sheep, donkey, cow and shepherd.

These figurines are wonderfully detailed and would make a wonderful Christmas gift.

If you are looking for an inexpensive nativity set that is hand painted then this is a great choice.

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Christmas Nativity Sets For Sale

This is a full Christmas Nativity Set – Full 10 inch Real Life Nativity Set made from Polymer resin and comes with Jesus, Joseph, Mary 2 shepherds, manger, angel and 3 wise men.

This beautiful scene comes to life with hand painted detail and will last for many years to come.

Each figurine has a unique facial expression and attention to detail and the colors are great.

If you are looking for a realistic set then this is a perfect choice.

Here are the top 3 nativity sets for sale that can be found at Amazon, you get a huge saving by shopping online and all are affordable and high in quality. These figurines are all hand painted and will last for many years to come.




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